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Trust has never been easier, That's the reason we created a site to make you feel it!

  • For 50$ We recovering any deleted information inside SSD/HDD/MobilePhone/PS4/XBOX.

  • The maximum Limit for Recovery is 5 Terabytes.

  • Safety came from Trust.

  • The only thing you need to know The file name rest is our job

  • >You choose the files we recover it and set program ready for your computer ETA: minimum 3hours to 12hours.

  • The program will be available at Lifetime <If you want to hold it we give you .rar file> at your computer. After making purchase from us.

  • We are recovering files that you already have it before.

  • Service RULES / Requirements:

  • If possible : Team Viewer or any program we can connect to your computer.

  • What you want to recover requires to be attached to your computer with an USB or directly connected by the mainboard itself.

  • We will send you some required files by links, around 50Mb.

  • Need to Turn*off Anti Virus - And will be required to Turn off the internet so I will give you list of steps you must do editing Host file.

  • Questions and Answers

  • What is data recovery?

  • Hard-Disk, Solid State Disk, Universal Serial Bus Flash Disk, Mobile phones connected to PC, Every information can be recovered, if only 1 format past on it.

  • Recovering Process can take a long time, at that time you should allow me automatic access accepted to your pc by TeamViewer, we have to check time by time to give better service.

  • We dont have to use TeamViewer, we can send you files and explain to you how it works, but I believe, doing it by ourselves easier