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Read Steps to keep yourself prepared for how it is gonna work?

Step 1:        (this video link)

                    !! Purchase the same car until it says garage full !!


Step 2:       Purchase RH8 cars inside 2 to 10 car storable garages repeatedly do it as many as you can !!


Step 3:       Here Cheapest 10 car storable garage this video link.

Step 4:       Contact Service Provider in site or discord, Ask for Social Club name and invite him to your Lobby and he will give you Cars that specially coded on your social club name and has no risk.

Step 5:      Be sure your garages are Fully loaded with RH8 car last time and take Service Provider spawned cars into your garage and start to change Your Own cars with New Spawned cars

Step 6:         When These Steps are completed you can now sell those cars whenever you want money.

Max Sellable cars by days:

25Cars on the first day

6Cars on the 2nd day

5Cars on the 3rd day

4Cars on the 4th day

3Cars on the 5th day

2Cars on the 6th day

1Cars on the 7th day

Wait for next month and try again.

10 cars :       8.450.000 $ in-game money  |   3.9$  |  5   minutes

25 cars :     21.125.000 $ in-game money  |   7   $  |  15 minutes

50 cars:     42.250.000 $ in-game money  |   12 $   |  35 minutes                                                                          

​75 cars :     63.375.000 $ in-game money  |   18 $  |   70 minutes                                                                      

500 cars : 422.500.000 $ in-game money  |   80 $  |  100 minutes for each 150 cars.

What is the difference between No-Login Required and Login Required Methods?

Nothing, Only Trust. If you don't want to give login details to us, this is your service.