Oh Half Life Alyx moded by me

Yes, It s done lets play to finish it.

Not so hard to play but first 3 hours may get you angry

there is some tricks you need to learn by playing it.

Reloading button is Right Shift + ö (2x left side of ".") on TR/Q keyboard.

mouse2 button and m1 button together to complete the reloading charge.

movements by arrows. ↣, ↤, ↥,↧ .

jump space.

Ğ and Ü top-left side of "Enter" 2 buttons to make your Left-hand go above and down

U and i top-left side of "Enter" buttons to make your Left-hand turn 180 degree up and down

that's all you need to know to complete the game. ah also Aiming to press Delete done.

Can help you with all missions with videos i take.

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