XBOX ONE - 1.000.000 = 2$

Requirements: #1) 250.000$ in your account

#2) Game save file in cloud server that finished prologue.

#3) In online minimum 5 level you have to be.

#4) DO Not play this game to be able to seller complete this service for next 3 days.

#5) your login details for XBOX1 =~ PS4 account you must have GTA5 in it and able to play online.



No price cut under any amount of purchases.

We Purchase for you from another seller. We all time try to not get scammed 95% luck no scam because i can take money back from seller. I m good on scamming only scammers.

No money back for PS4 and XBOX1 services.

Last 5 years, I have beeen trusted seller for PC services but i sell this for more earnings.

I am finding best possible seller for you and taking my cut inside it for PS4 and XBOX1

I am only service for PC: GTA5 + RDR2 + WoT and

i m looking forward to rent player for PS4 and xbox1 money boosting.

XBOX ONE - 1.000.000 = 2$

  • * Renting XBOX1 & PS4 - GTA5 online boosters for our site/discord .

    First service suppose to be free. to be selected for the job.

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