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disclaimer of misunderstandings may lead you to buy service for PC for that reason we are not offering money back.

The buttons in this page only makes you purchase service for xbox / ps4 . if you contact me to buy gta money probably i will give you PC service links becareful about it to tell me what service type you want.

Discord: hamitcagdas#2425 ( contact )


Playstation 4


◀ 1 million = $ 3,00  buy more to get price cuts.
◀ Minimum order = 15 mil GTA Online Money
◀ Fast delivery 5 hours
◀ Maximum order = 500 mil GTA Online Money

Requirements before purchase:

1) Share your PSN login (email-pw) details to my in site chat or discord chat.

2) You need to have PS+

3) You need to have 200.000 $ in your GTA online money.

4) More price cuts avaible if you have;

a) MOC with vehicle garage / upgrade station inside MOC.

b) Bunker.


◀ ◀ GTA 5 Online (XBOX ONE) Money Services (5 MILLION) = 37,5 $

◀ ◀ GTA 5 Online (XBOX ONE) Money Services (10 MILLION) = 60 $

◀ ◀ GTA 5 Online (XBOX ONE) Money Services (15 MILLION) = 90 $

set amount of paid money as below and get your service as listed below.