What a buyer should take care of?

After the service, there is no risk. You can play as you wish in any path safe. For Guarantee, we can give you a new game if we cause any problem at your disposal

Moneyback warranty how is it works?

Seller (us) Buyer (you)

  1. Seller will create an offer link.

  2. Buyer Purchases Seller was given a link at a website that is legal.

  3. The seller applies service if requirements are fulfilled.

  4. The buyer checks his account and verifies the service received.

  5. The buyer gets money that way.

  6. If the buyer cancels order has to pay the punishment tax to the legal site.

  7. If the seller can't service the order has to pay the punishment tax to the legal site.

What is GTA recovery?

GTA V Recovery Is A Service In Which We Mod Your GTA V Account And Add Tons Of Cash, Levels, Unlocks, Stats Etc On It Using Our Private Methods.
We Also Offer 1 Year Warranty, If Something Happens To Your Account After Using Our Service Then You Will Be Issued A Brand New Modded Account. We need to login to your account to perform this.

Is this website active?

Yes, GTA5services is absolutely Up-To-Date and was lastly updated on 6 May 2020.

Is this for steam or social club/retail?

The Service works on:
• Steam
• Social Club

  • Retail (CD)

  • Epic Game Launcher

What about XBOX ONE and PS4 Services? Can you provide a 3rd Man service for them?

We are ready to apply the Xbox one and PS4 services by finding sellers for you.

We are looking after your paid money, with a contact of Admins at websites that we sell/buy.

We have good communications with them because we have a good history behind.

Many sellers banned by my reports. And we kept clean these areas. We knew what you need and we choose the best all the time. Contact to Start service or buy here from my Link.

Service requires 200.000$ inside the account which is already 5$ in shark cards. Service can take 4days long and requires not to play 4days. 100% applies at the end of the day, we never keep prices cheap and we never allow them to scam you.

Why are your prices high?

Expensive services are Serial Key warranty for a new GTA V or RDR 2 recovery services in case of ban reasons. And our clients have 100% no ban seen yet

How long does recovery take?

*PC Every service will be completed within 30 minutes.


*if anyone from us sleeping may need to wait up to 8 hours.

*XBOX One and PS4 up to 72hours

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we provide refunds if service doesn't work or you don't want service anymore.


During Service do not enter the game so my program causes a problem (!)

*To keep yourself not banned please be aware to don't try to login during my service program working on your account. Service Provider will tell you service completed, the game is ready to play.

I have placed the order now what?

If you have placed the order then you just wait for some time like 30minutes to 8 hours.

Is it possible to get banned?

Nope, you won’t get a ban. Just follow the steps we will give you after the order completion and you will be safe. We have been doing this for over 4 years.

Still, have any queries or have any problem with your purchase?

Drop us your message on live chat/Mail us at “gta5services@yandex.com” or ”Web site Chat button” Discord: Hamitcagdas#2425, discord.me/gta5services,

steam:gta5services, Telegram: https://t.me/gta5services .

We will try to respond to you asap.

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