Subham Nayak 

Very much fast and trusted services. The seller was very polite. Thank you so much, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you!


This guy is absolutely AMAZING, fast delivery, unbelievably allot of GTA online cash delivered over 2000 million. Of course the seller was very polite. Thank you so much, and it has been a pleasure doing business

Davy Jaspers

Fast and trustfull service.
Cheap payment.
Done in 10 min!

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10/10 fast and easy service

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punch indaface

Super polite. very fast delivery. will recommend to my friends. 5 star quality for sure.

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SERVICES ARE ONLY FOR PC (steam&rockstar)

REMEMBER ? PS4 AND XBOX not yet cracked !

no money back if you order for ps4 or xbox one from me.

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4) given site not my own. be careful at other scammers/trolls at site
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Maximum Waiting Time me to contact you back in site: 3,5 hours

Minimum Waiting Time me to contact you back in site: 0,5 hours

What do we provide just in 40 minutes ?

(GTA5  Services)

Truth is actual recover service ...

-Money Unlimited we reach the best safety version

-Level 500 Max Safety Limit 

-Unlocking All

-Office Clutters like CEO,MotorClub,Disco, etc

-Bunker Researches All done.

-All Yearly Events items can be purchased after my service completed

Should You Trust us ?

7500+ clients at many websites have trusted us and we decide to created this new website, we have started this 1month ago over 100 clients around 12€ average payments we have completed this far. you can contact any one inside discord server below this.

Service Providers Online Hour ?

Online: 24/7 - Daily 18 hours. 

Is it safe to get a GTA Online Service from this website ?

If you’re looking for a GTA Online Money, Level, Unlocks all, you probably value your game account and don’t want to lose it. We understand that, being gamers ourselves. While there is always a risk of being banned while cheating (for example no one gave me bad reputation on famous websites i dont want to share the name of them but you can check pictures on right side), we have an incredible track record in GTA Online without a single detection OR ban. Yes, since 2015 not a single user has been banned for using our GTA Online services within our Rules list we will say it before service if it is very important to follow! You can find at this site or have access during payment deal. Part of that reason is that our cheat is not a mod, glitch or exploit.


Many inferior cheats for GTA Online are mods that modify the game files. This means it’s very easy for the game client to detect them, and ban players using them.


On the other hand, we inject our code directly into the game used RAM and have a very secure injection method, along with light-weight code that doesn’t make it easy for the game client to detect it. (even Social club we page cant detect our loaded money or gold bars)


So, while there is always a risk of the game developers finding a way to detect our software, we have a great track record and keep it patching the day released after day we fix it. If even developers release a new patch we code again to gain access inside these RAM profiles.

You will be sorry if you think "this is a scam site", i give a lot proof works from many different sites here other mod sites are dont have anti ban system all of us have different systems also we provide this services for each clients for sure!!! other sites are scam sites you can only learn when you try. for example XBOX one and PS4 not yet cracked so nobody can give service for it. do not trust anyone if service not completed in 20minutes.

More Pictures brings


more TRUST !

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